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20% of cotton fibers from cotton plants are usually treated as waste, since the fibers are too short to produce yarns for fabrics. We use this special cotton which is called Ochi-wata (Fallen Cotton). We mix Ochi-wata and regular long staple cotton into yarns and that give you a unique textured jersey. This cotton has a special  softness  that  makes for a perfect T-shirt.


DUBBLEWORKS provides well-crafted casual garments for modern men.

Our fabrics and sewing techniques are time-tested and refined over decades by our skilled artisans in Japan. We pride ourselves on well-made, quality clothing for everyday use by people, from lovers of vintage clothing to someone simply seeking a comfortable, durable, well-made garment.

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About Us

Sankei Meriyasu was founded in 1926 as a manufacturer of athletic wear and gym uniforms for schools, even supplying the Imperial house with such uniforms. 

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Sankei USA Inc.
Rep: Yasuko Miki

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